Guided Tour - Castelli Romani

The Castelli Romani region includes the towns and villages on the Colli Albani and it is located within the homonymous Regional Park that surrounds the volcanic lakes.
Ancient palaces, villas and churches of valuable historical and artistic interest were built for noble families in the pre Roman and Roman time and many of the popes in Rome came from this area’s aristocracy.

The region is well known for its traditional product such as DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) wines, quality oils, Italian spit-roasted pork, sweets, cheeses, guanciale (Italian cured meat) and other meats. The fraschette, regional name for the oldest inns of the area, and the farmhouse restaurants of the area offer traditional and local cuisine.

Frascati overlooks Rome from Monte Tuscolo and preserves patrician villas and the ruins of the ancient pre Roman city of Tuscolum. In Grottaferrata you can visit the S. Nilo abbey and its invaluable collection of ancient texts. The abbey, founded in 1004 A.D., is one of the oldest in the world.

Marino Marino is famous for the Sagra dell’Uva (Grape Festival) and for the seventeenth-century Fontana dei Mori. During the festival the wine flows out of the fountain.

Castell Gandolfo is the popes’ summer residence with the Palazzo Pontificio overlooking the volcanic lake.

Albano preserves the Basilica of S. Pancrazio of Constantine origins, built on the ruins of the fountain of the Villa di Diocleziano, many Roman remains and the catacombs of St. Salvatore.

Ariccia is well known for its many fraschette, local restaurants where you can taste wines and typical products such as the Italian spit-roasted pork. The Palazzo Chigi, designed by Bernini and used as backdrop to film scenes from the Italian movie Il Gattopardo, is one of the many attractions in the area.

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