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Cookies used on the Taxi Castelli Romani website

This website uses a system of cookies required to navigate it. The user acknowledges that these cookies are used by the website during navigation and automatically installed on the computer. Cookies are files sent to the user’s hard disk in order to facilitate the navigation on the website. The user can disable cookies by changing the browser’s settings but this could jeopardize the website operation. This page lists the types of cookies used on our website, how to manage and remove them.

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The Italian Data Protection Authority:

Taxi Castelli Romani is not responsible for the content of third parties’ external websites that may be using cookies.

About Cookies

"In computer science HTTP cookies (commonly referred to as web cookies, tracking cookies or cookies), are strings of text used to perform automatic authentication, session tracking and store specific information about users accessing the server  such as favourite websites or the content of their "shopping carts"  during an online purchase".
These small text strings are sent from the server to a web client (usually the browser) and then sent back by the client to the server (without being modified) every time the client logs on to the same section of the same web domain.”

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Cookies used on the Taxi Castelli Romani website

ASP.NET_SessionId   When a user connects to an ASP.NET application he is identified by a unique session ID. After the session



To ensure the smooth operation of our website, we do not recommend disabling cookies. You can stop cookies from being installed on your computer, however some features may be affected as certain cookies may be necessary for the correct operation of the website. By accessing your browser's preferences, you can change and verify the cookies’ settings. The table below shows how to disable cookies on the major browsers in use.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Disabling Cookies on IE CLICK HERE)    
    1. click on “Tools” at the top of your browser window;
    2. select   “Internet Options";
    3. click on the "Privacy" tab;
    4. to activate cookies, the privacy level must be set to “Medium" or below; by setting the privacy level above “Medium" will disable the use of cookies.

  • Mozilla Firefox (Disabling Cookies on MOZILLA FIREFOX CLICK HERE )
    1. click on “Tools” at the top of your browser window;
    2. select   “Internet Options";
    3. click on the "Privacy" icon;
    4. click on "Cookies";
    5. choose the options "Accept websites cookies" and " Accept third party cookies ";

  • Google Chrome ((Disabling Cookies on GOOGLE CHROME CLICK HERE)
    1. click on the menu icon;
    2. Select “Settings “;
    3. at the bottom of the page , select "Show Advanced Settings";
    4. in the "Privacy" section, select “Content settings“;
    5. choose whether or not to select "Block sites from setting any data&rdquo.
  • Apple Safari (Disabling Cookies on SAFARI CLICK HERE  )
    1. Click on the "Safari" label at the top of your browser window;
    2. select "Preferences";
    3. click on "Privacy”;
    4. set your choice in the “Cookie and website data".

  • Opera (Disabling Cookies on OPERA CLICK HERE )


Bearing in mind how the Internet and other websites operate, we are not always able to control the cookies used by third parties through our website. This is especially true when the webpage contains the so-called embedded elements: texts, documents, pictures or short videos that are stored elsewhere but displayed on or through our website.
Please let us know if the website detects a type of cookie not included in the list provided. Alternatively, please contact the third parties directly involved to ask more information about the cookies they send, to what purpose, when they expire and how they are ensuring the privacy of users.


As a result of any modification to our website or any update in the cookie regulations, this information is periodically updated. We are therefore authorised to change the content of the information and the list of cookies at any time and without notice. The latest version can be found on this page.

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